what makes us tick

About 1.6 billion people lack access to electricity. It is estimated that 2.5 billion rely on biomass, such as dung and charcoal, for cooking and heating fuel. These people are living in energy poverty, defined as a lack of access to modern energy services. Poverty is perpetuated by the high cost of using inefficient fuels and technologies as well as the innate lack of productivity associated with their use. The use of these fuels and technologies is often accompanied by environmental degradation, which in turn limits productivity and growth in an ongoing feedback loop.

EarthSpark empowers communities by eradicating energy poverty. We achieve this by partnering with entrepreneurs and organizations to develop local businesses and country-scale supply chains for clean and efficient energy technologies. Through these partnerships, we ensure that our work is sustainable and integrated into communities.

Rather than thinking of energy usage as being driven by economic development, EarthSpark seeks to drive sustainable economic development by providing access to better quality energy services. Recognizing that dirty fuels are often the only energy options available to millions around the world, and that their use is deleterious to the health and productivity of the communities who use them, we aim to increase access to cleaner, more efficient alternatives.