what makes us tick

A Letter from the Directors

Dear Friends,

While holding up a “charcoal” briquette composed of sawdust and paper cleaned from the streets of Port-au-Prince, Bill Clinton proclaimed, “Intelligence and effort are evenly distributed on planet Earth.” This remark was made by the former President and current United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti in his speech at the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) International Business Meeting on October 1, 2009. Clinton went on to discuss the important role that finance and strong institutions play in supporting growth in developing countries.

EarthSpark International was an invited guest of this IDB meeting in Port-au-Prince, along with over three hundred Haitian officials and leaders in the non- and for-profit sectors from around the world.

We view EarthSpark’s invitation to and attendance at this special event as a sign of our credibility and progress. Beyond this, we see it as a sign of the considerable momentum and increasing visibility of our work. For example, we are entering into the final stage of approval for a sponsorship from the UN’s Quick Impact Project program for our tree nursery business; the final stage of approval for our solar energy microlending program with Fonkoze, Haiti’s premier microfinance institution, at our Clean Energy Store in Les Anglais; nascent collaborations with UN Environmental Program and Columbia University; and now an exciting new series of exchanges with myriad contacts made at the recent meeting in Port-au-Prince.

Adding to this momentum is the finalization of our four month long rebranding process which has culminated in our new name, logo and website. The delivery of this report to you, or supporters and friends, marks the public release of this new identity as EarthSpark International. We thank you for your support and hope you feel inspired by the work that such support has enabled.

Lastly, we announce with equal parts joy and melancholy our search for a full-time Executive Director. EarthSpark International is growing rapidly, fueled by opportunities and funding. Justin and Dan will each begin their Ph.D. studies at Georgetown University and Carnegie Mellon University, respectively, in January 2010 and feel that it is in the interests of the organization to step down as Co-Directors. We implore you to pass on the link to our Executive Director job description to potential applicants.


Dan Schnitzer, Co-Director
Justin Dargin, Co-Director