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Position Description for the Executive Director

Who We Are
Energy poverty is hardship caused by insufficient energy sources and/or their inefficient or deleterious use. EarthSpark International is a nonprofit organization that seeks to reduce the causes and effects of energy poverty and thereby empower communities in need. EarthSpark achieves this by developing local businesses and country-scale supply chains for clean and efficient energy technologies; providing technical education and training to farmers, students and small and micro-enterprise owners; and mitigating local environmental damage caused by energy poverty.

EarthSpark envisions a world where forests thrive; where schools, hospitals and businesses are reliably powered; where homes have safe, clean energy sources; and where all residents have the opportunities for advancement and health that clean energy provides. This spring, EarthSpark launched its pilot Clean Energy Store Franchise in Haiti. This project is expected to have a significant impact on the 90,000+ households in coastal towns of the Port Salut-Tiburon watershed. Significant groundwork has been laid to expand our presence in Haiti.

Please visit EarthSpark’s website to learn about its history, leaders, and current projects: http://www.earthsparkinternational.org.

Who You Are
We seek to hire an Executive Director who shares EarthSpark’s vision and convictions. The Executive Director will be an entrepreneurial leader with the capacity for perseverance and innovation, both as an individual and as a team member. This individual will have an enthusiasm for EarthSpark’s mission and will possess the ability to persuade, inspire and motivate others. The Executive Director will also be adept at solving the practical problems of daily operations in an entrepreneurial international organization.

Other qualities the Executive Director will possess include:
• Collegiality: ability to communicate, listen, and collaborate with partners
• Strong sense of self, ethics, and integrity
• Ability to learn by doing and to adapt and respond constructively to challenges
• A willingness to work at EarthSpark sites in Haiti about 25% of the time
• Experience working in low-income neighborhoods in the U.S., a developing country, or in the international arena would be valuable but not essential
• Proficiency in Haitian Creole or French would be valuable but not essential
• Community organizing experience (e.g., grassroots coalition-building with networks of community leaders and partners) would be valuable but not essential
• Technical experience with renewable energy or energy efficiency would be valuable but not essential
• Management or entrepreneurial experience in the non- or for-profit sector would be valuable but not essential

What You Will Do
Executive Director Primary Responsibilities

Executive Leadership:
• Serve as an international ambassador for EarthSpark, strengthening its reputation and public image
• Continually refine and improve organizational approaches that support EarthSpark’s mission
• Communicate frequently with EarthSpark donors, partners and extended network contacts
• Coordinate and lead EarthSpark’s fundraising efforts
• Manage day-to-day operations and lead by inspiring and motivating partners, colleagues, and EarthSpark’s extended networks
• Engage the Board to help EarthSpark achieve its programmatic, financial and mission objectives
• Work cooperatively with the Board to complete and continuously refine EarthSpark’s strategic plan

On-the-Ground Duties:
• Market research: requires survey design and analysis; strong familiarity with existing academic and institutional research in the development literature; strong familiarity with existing organizations working at the intersection of energy and development; strong familiarity with social, political and economic conditions of the developing world
• Project development: requires cultural awareness; ability to conduct meetings with community associations with a translator; identifying strong, local liaisons and strong, local project managers; ability to set appropriate targets and goals for liaisons and project managers as well as to follow-through on targets
• Project follow-through: requires site visits to project; coordination between international and domestic vendors, importers, distributors, and project manager via phone and e-mail

Community Organizing:
• Seek out community support and build a base of support in Haiti among community members and existing local organizations in Haiti
• Based on community needs and participation, develop projects and programs that further EarthSpark’s mission
• Coordinate with EarthSpark partners in Haiti to provide tools and trainings that will allow partners to realize their goals and meet performance targets
• Help to implement and evaluate programs that support EarthSpark’s mission and the goals of its partners
• Collaborate with partners in Haiti to measure EarthSpark’s impact through rigorous monitoring and evaluation

Supervision and Oversight:
• The Executive Director will have a high level of responsibility and autonomy in daily tasks but will collaborate with senior staff on important matters
• The Executive Director will answer to the Board of Directors.
• Evaluation of the Executive Director will be carried out by the Board and founders annually.

To Apply
We ask that applicants submit their resume and cover letter to info@earthsparkinternational.org by December 31, 2009.