what makes us tick

Our New Identity: EarthSpark International

In the fresh days of early summer, the InterIntel team embarked on a four-month journey to investigate, evaluate, and eventually transform from our InterIntel identity into something more reflective of our goals and mission. Now, as the leaves in Cambridge celebrate with bursts of red and purple, we have reemerged as EarthSpark International.

Our people, our projects, and our mission retain their original focus, but our image is something new, something we hope will help us be a more effective organization and assist us in achieving our goals. By image, we mean more than a perception: we offer you a new name, a new motto, and new logo, and with that a fully renovated website. We invite you to explore the changes we’ve made, and we hope you will like them as much as we do!

In the tradition of EarthSpark International’s work, we began this effort with a rigorous evaluation and assessment of our situation: we surveyed collaborators in regard to their perceptions of our organization. We wanted to know what people thought of us and our work and what our strengths and weaknesses were. All this was done with the intention of finding the appropriate niche for our new image.

After receiving an overwhelming response and guidance from our collaborators, we took to brainstorming. Day and night it seemed ideas for new names and mottos flowed back and forth amongst our staff and colleagues, culminating in pages of ideas. Some were good, and some were not so good.

There were so many ideas, in fact, that we sought a focus group of experienced non-profit professionals to help us determine which ideas stuck best. After hours of input and discussion, we narrowed down the list to our favorite names and, after sleeping on it, choose EarthSpark International-“Solving Global Problems with Local Solutions”. The focus group was key to making an unbiased decision about our future identity.

Armed with a new name and motto, we felt it essential to complete the circle with a new logo and website design. Using the online design marketplace www.CrowdSpring.com, we auctioned off the design of our logo and website to the designer who submitted the best creation. What we received were wonderful ideas from many talented designers. Today, the top logo and top website design stand proudly as a representation of EarthSpark International.

The whole process was not easy, though, and we could never have done this without the support and long hours of everyone that helped us on our way. Special thanks to the gifted staff at Rasky Baerlein, our dedicated Lexington focus group, and all of those that contributed to our survey.

With this, we bid a fond adieu to InterIntel and offer a hearty welcome to EarthSpark International!