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Second Quarter, 2010

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A Letter from the Executive Director
Dear Friends of EarthSpark,
As relief efforts transition to reconstruction and recovery, there are many questions about Haiti’s future. The answers to these questions, such as how Haiti will provide clean and efficient energy to its people, are muddled by a host of new institutions, commissions and rules set up since the earthquake. Through the chaos and uncertainty, though, there are also opportunities. Having worked with communities in Haiti for two years, EarthSpark understands the energy needs of Haiti’s citizens and the barriers to meeting these needs. We are actively working to address Haiti’s short term development needs while also planning sustainably for the future...

Clean Energy Store Opens in Les Anglais!
EarthSpark’s first Clean Energy Store (Magazen Enèji Pwòp in Creole) held its grand opening this month with a full day of events and community outreach in Les Anglais, a small town near the tip of Haiti’s southern peninsula. A first-of-its-kind retail outlet, the store offers small-scale solar electricity systems, efficient and alternative fuel cookstoves, and manufacturing equipment for alternative charcoal briquettes. Each product sold at the store holds benefits for the end users, the local community, and the environment.

Support Solar Lamp Distribution to Women in Port-au-Prince
Over the past few months, we've raised $67,000 for our earthquake relief efforts in Port-au-Prince. Thanks to your generosity, we've distributed 3,000 lamps to displaced women and families and are on track to distribute over 2,000 more by the end of September.