Many clean energy technologies are already commercially viable and available from companies around the world, but aren't reaching the communities that need them. EarthSpark and the Comite pour la Relevement des Anglais en New York (CRAN), a diaspora organization, helped fund a clean energy store owned and managed by the non-profit grassroots organization COREA. This store sells products like LED lamps, efficient stoves, and many other clean energy technologies to come.

A member of COREA conducting an EarthSpark International needs assessment survey in December, 2008

Les Anglais is a coastal city of 20,000 in the southwestern part of Haiti. Most of the citizens of Les Anglais rely on kerosene for lighting and charcoal for fuel for their basic energy needs, bought through some 50 kerosene vendors in Les Anglais. The clean energy store aims to provide some form of solar lighting to 100% of the population through a variety of end-user financing arrangements and technologies at different price points.

While solar-powered LED lamps are straight-forward to use, other, more expensive technologies offer greater benefits at the additional cost of greater complexity. By tapping into existing knowledge and skills in Haiti, EarthSpark and its partners will train local students, farmers and electricians how to install solar home systems, build efficient stoves, and produce charcoal from alternative sources like agricultural waste. This type of training generates opportunities to market value-added services and create businesses to deliver, assemble or install these systems in Les Anglais and other cities on the Haitian peninsula.