what makes us tick

Poor households and small businesses in developing countries pay a lot for low quality fuels even though inexpensive, high-quality substitutes are being produced by companies around the world. EarthSpark fills in the “missing links” – market research, a business model, and start-up capital – which are necessary to deliver high-quality energy resources, end-use technologies, and services.

EarthSpark works at three levels:

    At the community level, we develop clean energy stores. These businesses are the “front lines," providing households and small businesses with clean energy services and products. The stores are also hubs for education on fabricating and using clean energy technologies.

    At the country level, we work to develop the supply chains necessary to deliver the goods, services and knowledge the community businesses need in order to sustain themselves.

    Internationally, we investigate and partner with NGOs, multilateral institutions, and private businesses to locate the best energy technologies and provide support to our supply chains and community businesses.

Most importantly, we work with communities to provide access to clean energy technologies that make sense for their needs. EarthSpark is not just about providing clean power in rural communities; it is about empowering these communities. This requires a high-level of communication and consultation with community leaders, businesses, NGOs, and especially citizens. EarthSpark begins its work in communities by conducting detailed surveys of energy needs and expenses by households. We then work to bring the right energy technologies at the right cost to those who need them.